Books tell only a part of the story

Much has been written about historical conflicts, especially about both world wars. Like anyone with an interest in militairy history I have read these books and studies. But for me books and studies are just a starting point. I regularly go to discover the actual locations and do background research, trying to piece together the events in their surroudings as they were back then.
Why? The reason is simple. Only when visiting and examining the battlegrounds themselves the (most likely) picture of the battle becomes aparent. Books simply cannot relate for instance how close an ambush site was to a particular road, or how natural surroundings influenced the battle. To truly understand, you'll have to examine the location and know what it looked like when the event took place. To put it in other words, the story described in a book, can only come to life in its surroundings.

Research is the basis for a superb tour

All this knowledge is naturally used in guided standard and personal tours. Battlefield Discovery does not just take its customers to locations and monuments, but relates the events where they took place explaining what the surroundings and conditions were for the people involved.  

Over the past years I researched many different subjects and are at current working on several. To give you an example of this research, I listed a number of those subjects (present and past) below.

Current topics

    1. Tank & infantry battles and subsequent liberation of Nuenen villages [Sept 1944] (working on publication)
    2. German invasion of Eastern Brabant province of The Netherlands [May 1940] 

Examples of previous topics

  To name just a few:
          1. German ambush sites on club route Neerpelt - Valkenswaard - [Sept 1944]
          2. Routes of advance of Kampfgruppe Peiper - [Dec 1944]
          3. Bastogne [Dec 1944 - Jan  1945]
          4. Nothern and central battle sites of the Bulge [Dec 1944]
          5. Inventory and layout of foxholes and fighting pits in Sonse Forest [Sept 1944]

If you are interested

If you are interested in these current of previous topics you are welcome to contact me. I am always happy to discuss my findings and share insights.