General tour info

How much time does a battlefield tour take?

That entirely depends on the battlefield tour you booked. You can easily check this on the detail pages of the battlefield tours. If a tour is one or more full days you may assume that we will be in the field for 8 to 10 hours per day.  

Do the tours require knowledge of history or can anyone participate?

You do not require specific knowledge to be able to enjoy a battlefield tour. If needed I can give more information on backgrounds, locations and events. However a sound interest in (militairy) history is needed. After all you are going to travel one or more days visiting locations and hearing stories about war. To sum up the only thing that is required is a sound interest in the subject.  

Do you give customized tours?

Customized tours are possible. It is possible to include specific places, exclude specific places, or place more or less emphasis on specific locations or events. Please contact me to discuss any details for you and your group.  

Can children participate in the tours?

Children are also welcome. However keep in mind that an entire day or more of travelling, visiting sites and listining to explainations can be very tiring for children. I advise not to take children under the age of 10 years old and children 10 years old or older only if they has an interest in (militairy) history.  When booking a bike tour also consider if your child is up to cycling distances varying between 15 and 50 kilometers.

Are we allowed to bring our dog?

Though I am fond of dogs, dogs as well as any other animals are not welcome on any of our tours.  

Are tours accessible for people with a mobility impairment?

Due to the nature of the locations not all locations are easily accesible for people with a mobility impairment. However, oftentimes we can work out an alternative path or solution. If you or anyone in your group is impaired, please contact us well in advance to discuss details and possibilities of arrangements. 

In which languages can the tours be given?

All guided tours can be given in Dutch, English or German. 

Some tour guides include museum visit(s) in their price. Why does Battlefield Discovery do this differently?

At Battlefield Discovery museum visits are always optional! In our experience some people like to visit a museum during a tour, while others want to explore the battlefield surroundings of the museum or take a break. At several museum locations we provide a parallel program making it possible for you to choose what you want. This is why we do not include museum entrance fees in our tour prices. This way you only pay for museum entrance if you actually visit them.


How does your pricing mechanism actually work?

Pricing primarily depends on group size. Please refer for details to our "prices and bookings" page.  

What prices do you charge for a private tour and large groups?

For a private tour I charge the standard day rate of EUR 320 for up to 4 people and EUR 65 for every extra person up to 8 persons. Veterans of WW2 always join free of charge! Prices are per day. If the tour is less than or more than a full day the price is adjusted accordingly. For groups larger than 8 persons pricing depends on group size. Please contact me for a quote.   

How many participants are needed for a battlefield tour to commence?

Number of participants are not relevant to whether a tour commences or not. Basically, if you book a battlefield tour we'll go.    


Are there any special arrangements for veterans?

Yes there are! Veterans of World War 2 can join tours free of charge.

I booked a tour. When and how do I get the tour details?

After receipt of full payment of the amount due (at least 10 days in advance of the start date of the tour) I will send you the neccessary details, such as pick up time and location and other details.   

Can we book a hotel via Battlefield Discovery?

No. We are not a travel agency, so you will have to book a hotel or any other overnight staying yourself. I can however recommend several hotels near pickup / start locations.     

I booked a tour, but have to cancel it. Can I get a refund?

That depends on when you cancel. In case of cancellation you may apply for rescheduling to a different date. If this is not possible and I received your cancellation no less than 10 days in advance of the start date I will refund the entire amount. If I receive your cancellation less than 10 days in advance of the start date, cancellation costs may be charged. Please refer to the terms and conditions for detailed infomation.   

What happens if Battlefield Discovery cancels the tour?

As a rule our tours always commence. Car based battlefield tours are generally not cancelled just because it is cold or hot or it is raining. That said, occasions beyond my contol may arise preventing me from giving a tour. For instance, if I broke a leg or if weather conditions are so bad that it becomes too dangerous to tour around, especially for walking and bike tours. If  this happens I will notify you immediately and discuss the option to re-schedule if you like or a full refund. Please refer to the terms and conditions for detailed information.

How do you keep my personal data safe and what do you do with these data?

Battlefield Discovery respects your privacy and will keep your personal information private. Please read our privacy statement for details.



Do I have to wear boots or walking shoes for the tour?

At most locations walking is a part of the program. Sometimes we have to walk field and dirt roads, so proper shoeing is advisable.  

Do I need to wear special clothing?

We are outdoors the entire day. So if it's cold, dress warm. If it's hot, dress cool and don't forget sun tan and head protection. If it's rainy, bring a rain coat. This goes especially if you are joining a bike of walking tour! Other than that, just wear what makes you feel comfortable for a trip outdoors.

What arrangements are made for lunch?

Our tours are programmed to provide a lunch break. We always try to stop somewhere where you can buy lunch, but bringing your own food and beverages is also possible.  
Please keep in mind that lunch is the only break in the program. Do take your own water bottle, etc. with you if you want to drink at other moments. 

Where do you pick us up and at what time?

Exact tour details will be made available to you a couple of days before the tour and after receipt of full payment. You may however assume that you have to get to a central pickup location and that we start relatively early for full day and multiple day tours.


Does Battlefield Discovery provide transport?

For groups of 8 people or less Battlefield Discovery can provide transport. If there your group consists of more people you will have to provide for extra transport yourself.

We want to book a battlefield tour, but we would like to drive with our own car. Is this possible?

You are always welcome to take your own car(s), van or bus. However this does not affect the price.

We have a large group. Can we book bus transport via Battlefield Discovery?

No. We cannot provide transport for groups containing more than 8 participants. If your group is larger you will have to provide transport (or additional transport) yourself. I can however help you to get into contact with bus rental organizations in the area.

Do you provide bikes voor the bike tours?

You'll have to bring your own bike or rent one in the immediate area for any of our bike tours. If you don't know a bike rental service in the area, please contact me and I will give you one or more addresses where you can rent a bike.

I have another question!

Do you have any other questions or would you like more information. Please mail your question to and we will reply within a couple of days.