Booking process


Booking a tour 

  1. You can easily book the tour via the booking form on this page, or by contacting me directly.
  2. Please mention the tour or tours you want to do, or what destinations you are interested in visiting. Also depict the date(s) you want to do this tour.
  3. I will contact you within a few days to discuss your request, and if available, give you a quote for the tour. In case of a bespoke tour, I will also propose an itinerary.
  4. After receiving your confirmation for this quote, I will reserve the date(s) you want to do a tour on in my schedule. 
  5. By submitting a booking you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Battlefield Discovery which can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Prices mentioned below are standard prices based on a full day tour and VAT included. Of course the exact price for your booking will be based upon the number of persons in your party and the duration of the tour you booked.
  1. Standard pricing
     Private tour up till 5 participants EUR 409,-
     Groups larger than 4 participants Tailored price. Please contact me for details.
  3. Special discounts and programmes
    WO2 veterans Free of charge
    School and scouting groups Special tailored prices. Please contact me for details.

  4. Lectures and presentations

    Special tailored prices. Please contact me for details.

Confirmation and payment

  1. After you confirmed the quote, I will confirm tour tour and the dates. 
  2. Depending on the number of tour days requested, a downpayment may be required.
    1. After receipt of the deposit amount I will confirm your definite reservation. Should a deposit not be required  the confirmation email mentioned above will state the reservation is definite.   
  3. Full payment is due 10 days prior to the start date of the tour, unless otherwise stated by Battlefield Discovery.
  4. You can only join a tour if Battlefield Discovery received full payment prior to the start of the tour, unless otherwise stated by Battlefield Discovery.

Additional costs

  1. Please keep in mind that additional costs such as entry fee for museums, lunch and beverages may apply depending on your personal needs and wishes.
  2. You may also have to arrange for travelling to and from the Netherlands, overnight stay and perhaps travel insurance. All these costs are not included in the above mentioned price.

Detailed tour information

  1. After receipt of full payment I will send you the neccessary information, such as pick up time and location and other details.

Cancellation and refund

  1. As a rule tours by Battlefield Discovery always commence. There are however rare occasions that may arise compelling Battlefield Discovery to (partly) cancel the tour. If such an occasion arises Battlefield Discovery will contact you immediately to discuss alternatives.
  2. Cancelations by customers for a full refund is required no less than 10 days before the tour. If you cancel anything after 10 days to the tour may result in Battlefield Discovery charging cancellation costs. 
  3. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page for detailed information.

Joining a tour


Own responsibility

  1. Participating in a tour of Battlefield Discovery is always at your own responsibility.
  2. Battlefield Discovery accepts no responsibility or liability for loss of personal items nor for any damages, direct or indirect, financial or material, as a result of participating a tour of Battlefield Discovery.
  3. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page for for more details.

Departure times / missed tours or staying behind

  1. The schedule of a tour is usually busy and I do want my guests to get the most out of a tour day. Please be sure to be at the pick up location as well as at intermediate stops well in advance of the departure time mentioned. 
  2. As a courtesy Battlefield Discovery will call you if you fail to meet me at the appointed time and location on the phone number you filled out on the booking form.
  3. If due to any circumstances you feel that you cannot make it on time or missed the departure time, please get in touch with Battlefield Discovery via our mobile phone number.
  4. Battlefield Discovery does not refund for reasons of you missing the tour entirely or part of it due to failing to be at the departure location on time.
  5. Battlefield Discovery cannot be hold responsible or liable for any costs you may have to make to catch up or get back to the pick up location.

Arrival times

  1. Though Battlefield Discovery tries its best, exact times of arrival at start point, stop-over points or return to point of origin cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Unusual road, traffic, and weather circumstances are beyond our control, and delays occasioned by same will not be the responsibility of Battlefield Discovery.
  3. Battlefield Discovery accepts no liability to customers for delay or non-performance resulting from mechanical failure, road or weather conditions, or any other causes or circumstances beyond our control.

Privacy policy

Battlefield Discovery respects your privacy and will keep your personal information private. Please read our privacy statement for details.

Term and Conditions

All offers and proposals are subject to our Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions of Battlefield Discovery can be found hereafter.
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