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Different ways to tour a battlefield

posted 25 Jan 2013, 14:39 by Edwin Popken
A battlefield tour is oftentimes conducted by car of van. A practical solution to transport small groups of people to different locations, especially if there is some distance between these locations. And of course ... Battlefield Discovery offers these type of tours.
But Battlefield Discovery also offers other ways to tour the battlefield. Have you ever considered cycling? Enjoying the fresh air you will be cycling in the area once fought over. Or what about walking the battlefield? A perfect way to stretch your legs while learning some interesting things about history. Perhaps you will spot some traces of war also as you walk closely by them? Please have a look at the page 'Battlefield tours' for our current options on cycling or walking the battlefieldmogelijkheden
And if you find this way of touring interesting but are curious to the possibilities at other locations, please contact me.