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Battlefield Discovery conducts research on battlefields in our history and offers battlefield tours to individuals and groups. More specific: those places where battles and skirmishes were fought during World War Two in North Western Europe.
Most locations -- small and large -- where fighting took place still show scars and other signs of battle. Combined with the official historical accounts, personal accounts of people involved, local knowledge of the surroundings as they were in those days, and these traces of war tell the story of our history. By combining those elements history becomes more than a story of the past ... it becomes a discovery tour back in time!

Discover a battlefield yourself in our battlefield tours

Are you interested in militairy history yourself? Or are you looking for a way to make history tangible for your students or scouting group? If so, a battlefield tour is a great way to learn about history and understanding it more profoundly. Whether you want to explore the battlefields of Market Garden (Hell's Highway), The Ardennes, Veritable/Blockbuster, or another battlefield, having Battlefield Discovery as your guide makes your battlefield tour visit an even more valuable experience.

A program fitting you / your group 

Battlefield Discovery offers battlefield tours for both private and mixed groups up to 8 participants. But larger groups are also possible. For instance, your class or scouting group. Battlefield Discovery provides specific programs for larger groups, schools and scouting groups.
Check out the battlefield tours page to view our standard battlefield tours to different locations. Besides these standard tours Battlefield Discovery also provides bespoke tours, tailored to your specific interests. If you are looking for bespoke tour to these or other destinations, just contact me to discuss the options.

It's like a journey back in time

A battlefield tour by Battlefield Discovery can be given in different ways. By car or van, your own tour bus, but also by bike and in some locations even walking. Whatever the manner of transport Battlefield Discovery takes you back in time. Not only will you just visit the different locations (like in a sight seeing tour), but you will also be explained in detail the events that took place there, and how the surroundings and other circumstances as they were back then were of influence. It goes without saying that we will visit some well known, sometimes even (in)famous locations of a battle. But also lesser known locations holding interesting stories will be discovered.  


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