Operation Veritable/Blockbuster


On February 8 1945 British 21st Army Group launched Operation Veritable. The goal was to clear the Rhineland in the Kleve - Düsseldorf area. This operation was to be carried out in conjunction with Operation Grenade by US 9th Army attacking on the southern flank while Canadian 1st Army and British 2nd Army attacked on the northern flank, thus creating a giant pincer movement.

In difficult terrain favoring the Germans who were to fight for every yard of what was the first major offensive in their homeland, the British and Canadians had to attack in appalling weather conditions. Rain and mud were equally fierce opponents as the German army were. Moreover, due to flooding of the Ruhr by the Germans the American attack could not proceed until a couple of days later. This meant that the Germans could send in their reserves in the north facing Canadian 1st army. 

British and Canadian troops were up for some of the hardest fighting of the entire campaign in Western Europe. Illustrious names such as Reichswald, Kleve, Goch, Gennep, Kalkar Heights, Keppeln, Hochwald, The Hochwald Gap, Veen and Xanten would forever be engraved in the minds of the men who fought there. 

The battle lasted until March 11 1945. By then the Rhineland was cleared from German troops. But the victory came at a terrible cost of almost 23.000 casualties, including American casualties. The Canadians call this battle their worst on the western front with conditions resembling World War One static conditions and tactics. The Germans lost a staggering 90.000 troops and came to know this battle as the largest tank battle in western Germany.


Tour highlights

  • Canadian Cemetery Groesbeek
  • First day of attack
  • Battle for Cleve
  • Reichswald
  • British Cemetery
  • Battle for Moyland Woods
  • Battle for Goch
  • Operation Blockbuster
  • Uedem
  • Battle for the Hochwald Layback 
  • The hell of Hochwald Gap
  • Xanten



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