Market Garden - 82nd Airborne / Nijmegen area


Africa, Sicily, Salerno, the Italian Mountains, Anzio, Normandy. Either as a division or as a RCB temporaliy detached from 82nd Airborne this division undoubtedly was the most experienced airborne division the allies could bring to the battlefield. In operation Market it was their job to take and hold the bridges in the Grave-Nijmegen area and capture the Groesbeek Heights to prevent the Germans from attacking via the Reichswald. Many veterans of the 82nd later told they some of the most fierce action in The Netherlands.
During this tour we will explore the sites where they fought and held their ground. Either by themselves or, later on, with the help of the armoured cars and tanks of XXX Corps.

Tour highlights

  • Grave bridge
  • DZ Overasselt
  • Heumen lockbridge
  • Honinghutje
  • DZ and LZ Groesbeek
  • Mook & Plasmolen
  • Devil's Hill
  • Streetfighting in Nijmegen
  • Nijmegen bridge
  • Cross river assault by 504 PIR


This tour takes 1 full day. Combination with other Market Garden tours is possible.

Possible tour days

Standard on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays. Other days of the week only by mutual agreement.

Price, bookings and payment

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Transport and pick up location

This is a car tour by a car or van driven by Battlefield Discovery. If you wish to drive with your own car, please let me know in advance. The pick up point as well as other details will be send to you after receipt of full payment.