Market Garden - Sonse Forest by foot


Shortly after the paratroopers of 101st Airborne landed on Sonse Heide H-502 reinforced with some engineers set out to capture the Best road bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal. Their mission failed from the start due to navigational errors and German machinegun fire, and getting caught in a fierce firefight with German reinforcements coming in by truck from Boxtel. As matters got worse the entire 3rd battalion and later also the 2nd battalion was drawn into the fight as Germans kept pouring men and equipment into the battle. The American dug in on the edges of Sonse Forest, while Germans managed to infiltrate these woods setting up strongpoints all over the place. Confused fighting in these woods followed...
In this tour we will walk the woods that were the scene of heavy fighting in September 1944. During this walk the battle will be explained as well as how what these woods looked like back then. You will discover foxholes, strongpoints and trenches both German and American throughout the forest.

Tour highlights

  • DZ
  • Prelude to the battle
  • Foxholes of 502 PIR
  • Cole's monument
  • Joe Mann
  • German foxholes
  • 502 PIR and 327 GIR mop up  


This tour takes half a day. The distance we will walk is just under 10 kilometers.

Possible tour days

Standard on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays. Other days of the week only by mutual agreement.

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Transport and pick up location

This is a walking tour. No other transport than your own legs are needed. You do however need to get to the pick up location yourself. This pick up location as well as other details will be send to you after receipt of full payment and a couple of days in advance of the tour