Market Garden - full tour


A plan to seize vital bridges in The Netherlands, in order to be able to outflank the German army and capture the Ruhr industrial area, forcing Germany to surrender before Christmas. To do this the greatest airborne armada the world has ever seen was dropped over The Netherlands! An entire army corps had to advance on a single main road from Belgium towards Arnhem, protected by two others corps on either flank. An enormous ambitious plan fueled by the flight of the German army shortly before. But their panic was already over ...
This tour takes you from the Belgian-Dutch border all the way to Arnhem. We roughly follow the route of XXX corps through the areas of operation of US 101st Airborne Division, US 82nd Airborne Division and Br 1st Airborne Division / Polish parachute brigade. Over the course of three days we will discover the places where the Allies and Germans fought for control over Hell's Highway and the bridges along the route.

Tour highlights

Basically this tour comprises the three individual one-day tours on Market Garden

 Day 1  

 Day 2

Day 3 

  • Joe's bridge
  • Ambush sites of KG Walther
  • Palmer's recce and linkup
  • Kloosterdreef and Vlokhoven
  • Son Bridge
  • DZ/LZ Sonse Heide
  • The battle for Sonse Forest
  • St Oedenrode
  • Road cut at Koevering
  • Fighting for Eerde
  • Veghel and Black Friday
  • Grave bridge
  • DZ Overasselt
  • Heumen lockbridge
  • Honinghutje
  • DZ and LZ Groesbeek
  • Mook & Plasmolen
  • Devil's Hill
  • Streetfighting in Nijmegen
  • Nijmegen bridge
  • Cross river assault by 504 PIR
  • DZ and LZ at Renkum/Wolfheze
  • DZ Ginkelse Heath
  • Advance routes on Arnhem bridge / ambush of C-troop
  • Arhnem bridge
  • St. Elizabeth's Gasthuis, museum and Onderlangs
  • LZ-L and Johanna Hoeve
  • Railroad culvert
  • The Oosterbeek perimeter
  • Retreat over the river



This tour takes three full days.

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