Ardennes Offensive - The road to Manhay


Just before dawn on December 16 1944 the German army opened their offensive Wacht am Rhein with a terrific artillery barrage. Shortly after that German divisions poured into the thinly held American lines in the Ardennes. The goal was to capture Antwerp and effectively cutting the Allies armies in half, thus hoping to turn the tide in the west and force a surrender of cease fire of the western allies. 
The Battle of Bulge was one of the largest engagements ever fought by the US Army. Though British troops also played vital roles in halting the German advance, the main effort was an American one. There are countless stories of individuals, small groups and larger units delaying the Germans for vital moments, disrupting German plans and (finally) forcing the Germans back over the border.
This tour will take you to some of the places where vital actions were fought by US and German troops. Specifically those places where US 7th Armoured Division fought to hold St. Vith and where US 82nd Airborne Division and US 75 Infantry Division stopped the advance of 2nd SS Panzer Division and 9nd SS Panzer Division and push the Germans back over the Salm River.

Tour highlights

  • Fisher-Woods
  • St Vith
  • Poteau
  • Crombach
  • Parker's crossroads
  • Grandmenil
  • Manhay
  • Bra
  • Fosse
  • Rochinval
  • Goronne


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