Most battlefields -- small and large -- still show scars and other signs of those battles and skirmishes. So if you are interested in militairy history, visiting a battlefield greatly adds to your understanding of what happened. If you are planning to visit a battlefield, joining a guided battlefield tour may be a good idea to get the most out of your visit. Battlefield Discovery provides battlefield tours to individuals and groups interested in visiting battlefields. All battlefield tours focus on more than just visiting the locations, but also explaining the situation and events when they happened.
I offer both standard and private battlefield tours. All tours can be customized to emphasize those places and events you may have a special interest in.  

Standard battlefield tours

Car/van based battlefield tours 

The following battlefield tours require motorized transport because of distance and tour length. Battlefield Discovery can provide transport for groups up to 8 persons. But if you feel more comfortable in your own car, you may follow me using your car also. Groups larger than 8 persons will have to provide for (additional) transport themselves.

 Name (for itinerary and other details, please follow link) Tour Length 
 Market Garden - XXX Breakout and 101st Airborne area Hell's Highway  1 day
 Market Garden - 82nd Airborne / Nijmegen area Hell's Highway 1 day
 Market Garden - 1th Airborne / Arnhem area Hell's Highway 1 day
 Market Garden - full tour Hell's Highway 3 days


 Battle at Overloon  1 day



Battlefield tours by bike or on foot

Why go by car? If you enjoy the outdoors touring a battlefield by bike or walking may be a great way to combine both.  Cycling or walking around battlefields combines the healthy excercise of an outdoor trip with discovering interesting historic locations. Standard battlefield tours offered this way are mentioned below.

 Be sure to bring your own bike or rent a bike in the area where the tour is given. Battlefield Discovery cannot not provide bikes to customers.
Name (for itinerary and other details, please follow link) Tour Length
Market Garden - Liberation of Nuenen (bike) Hell's Highway0,5 days
Market Garden - Son-Best-St Oedenrode area (bike) Hell's Highway0,5 days
Market Garden - Fighting in and around Sonse forest (walking) Hell's Highway0,5 days
Market Garden - Veghel - Schijndel - Koevering area (bike) Hell's Highway1 day