My name is Edwin Popken. History, especially militairy history has always been a major interest of mine. For more than 25 years I have read, studied and visited different locations both well know and lesser known. related to both world wars and other conflicts. My main interest is world war 2 operations in Noth Western Europe. but the history of the holocaust and concentration camps never cease to grab me.
Living in the area where a part of Market Garden took place (moreover, the attack on Nuenen by e-506 depicted in the series "Band of Brothers" in reality took place short of 200 meters from my house), visiting these battlefields became more than just a spare time hobby.
There is always more to know and understand on these militairy operations and battles. This is why on some days I can be found exploring battlefield locations to examine what the surroundings look or looked like. On other days I read books or study archive material, witness reports and contemporary maps & photographs. Combining all these different inputs, I have built up a profound knowledge of what happened, where, why and how. As far as researching allows you to go, of course.
For several years now I have shared my knowledge with different groups of people taking them to those locations and sharing the stories. This activity ultimately shaped into what is now Battlefield Discovery. Via Battlefield Discovery I aim to share and clarify these historical events, not just by mereley going on a sight seeing trip, but by taking you on a discovery tour back in time. 
As a guide I am an associate member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides, the Liberation Route Europe Guide Network, and I have a Master's degree in Military History from the University of Birmingham, UK. I cooperate regularly with museums and tourist organisations in The Netherlands and abroad, such as:
If you are interested in discover "where they fought" and get a clear picture of what happened there and what it was like in those days, please visit my tour pages or contact me.